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Introduction of the Director

Director/Doctor of DentistryYuki Arakawa

Dr. Arakawa graduated from Kanagawa Dental University, here in Japan, and also attended New York University, College of dentistry in the United States for his postgraduate program. After graduating both programs, he worked for a clinic called Smile & Wellness Aruga Dental Clinic. It was here that he learned many techniques and gained the experience that he needed in order to become the dentist that he is today. Later on in his career, he would open a brand new clinic and work along side his family in Yokosuka, Japan, where he was born and raised.

He comes from a family of dentists who have owned and run their own dental clinic. It was his grandfather who started the clinic 30 years ago, which was then passed down to his mother Miyuki Arakawa, who was the director of Arakawa Family Dental for 25 years and by tradition, the clinic was then passed down to Dr. Arakawa.

Dr. Arakawa has dedicated his time and energy to becoming a comprehensive dental practice, that provides preventative care and treatment, appropriate for all ages. His ultimate goal is to provide better dental care, and is shown through his dedication, compassion, and hard-work.

Family is very important to Dr. Arakawa, and that is why he, and his staff treat all of their clients like family. Arakawa Family Dental serves our clients with the best treatment systems from the use of high technology dental equipment, to teaching his clients how to properly improve their overall oral health. At Arakawa Family Dental, we believe, that everyone deserves to live a lifetime with improved oral health and peace of mind.


  • ・Graduated from Kanagawa Dental College, 2006
  • ・Completion of the Graduate School of Dentistry at the University(Major: Preventive Dentistry), 2010
  • ・Medical Corporation Smile and Wellness: Deputy Director of the Dental Clinic
  • ・Completion of the New York University College of Dentistry: Postgraduate Training Program
  • ・Dental Clinical Training Supervisor of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Japan
  • ・Part time lecturer of the Department of Dental Hygienist at Central Medical Health College

Certified Physician

  • ・Certified physician for the International Congress of Oral Implantologist
  • ・Certified physician for the Japanese Society for Oral Health
  • ・Certified physician for the Academy of Clinical Dentistry
  • ・Invisaline Doctor for the US Align Technology, Inc.

Academic Societies, Research, Associations

  • ・Japanese Society for Oral Health
  • ・Academy of Clinical Dentistry
  • ・Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry
  • ・Japan Association of Adult Orthodontics
  • ・International Congress of Oral Implantologist
  • ・Japanese Society of Oral Implantology
院長先生 治療シーン
院長先生 治療シーン

Education programs

  • ・2011 Clinical Basic Seminar (Comprehensive) Regional Best Practice Session Basic Course(Management)
  • ・2012 JIADS Periodontal Course (Periodontal Disease) Regional Best Practice Session Basic Course(Management)
  • ・2013 AD training course (Orthodontics)
  • ・2014 New York University Program (Implant, Aesthetic), AD training course(Orthodontics), Dental Collective Lecture Nakano School(Management)
  • ・2015 New York University Program (Implant, Aesthetic), AD training course (Orthodontics)
  • ・2016 Japan Oral Implant Society Certified 100 Hours Course (Implant)
  • ・2017 MRC Seminar (Orthodontics)
  • ・2018 Training course of Elderly dental treatment (Elderly Dentistry)

Original Papers

  • Uematsu M, Arakawa Y, Kuroha K, Kawamura K, Arakawa H:Risk factors associated with tooth wear in adults – Research about wedge-shaped defect -.Journal of Japan Health Medicine Association,18(1),3 -10,2009.
    (Michio Uematsu,Yuki Arakawa,Kusumi Kurobe, Kazuaki Kawamura, Hiroshisa Arakawa)
  • Arakawa Y, Song W, Toda S, Kawamura K, Arakawa H:Intraoral Residual Fluoride Following Tooth Brushing with a Weak Fluoride Solution.
    The International Journal of Oral Health,5,3 -6,2009.(Arakawa Yuki,Song sentence group, Toda Shinji, Kawamura Kazuaki, Arakawa Hirohisa)
  •  Arakawa Y, Song W, Toda S, Kawamura K, Kubota T, Arakawa H:Fluoride retention amounts following toothbrushing and mouthrinsing with a weak fluoride solution.
    International Journal of Clinical Preventive Dentistry, 5(2), 87-92, 2009. ( in press )
    (Arakawa Yuki, Song Sentence group, Toda Shinji, Kawamura Kazuaki, Kubota Tomoka, Arakawa Hirohisa)
  • Arakawa Y, Bhawal UK, Ikoma T, Kimoto K, Kuroha K, Kubota T, Hamada N, Kubota E, Arakawa H:Low concentration fluoride stimulates cell motility of epithelial cells in vitro. Biomedical Research, 30, 2009.
    (Arakawa Yukihi, Bhawar: Ujar Ikoma Toshiharu, Kimoto Kazunari, Kuroba Kusmi, Kubota Tomaka, Hamada Shinjo, Kubota Hideo and Arakawa Hirohisa)

Conference Presentation

  • General Presentation-Domestic Society
    Yuki Arakawa,Hirohisa Arakawa: Study of SIC Index I. Conception and Operation. The 66th Annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Public Health, 2007.10, Matsuyama.
  • Kubota Tomoka, Kuwa Kusmi,Arakawa Yuki,Arakawa Hirohisa: A study on the infant caries among infants’ mothers in Kanagawa prefecture. The 66th Annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Public Health, 2007.10, Matsuyama.
  • Song Family Group, Toda Shinji, Komiyama Eriki,Arakawa Yuki,Arakawa Hirohisa: Studies on fluoride tooth application by fluoride foam (2)-Fluoride in the saliva and residual rate in the oral cavity. The 56th Japan Oral Hygiene Association. General Assembly, 2007.10, Koto Ward.
  • Yuki Arakawa,Song sentence group, Toda Shinja, Kawamura Kazuaki, Arakawa Hirohisa. A study on residual amount of oral fluoride after tooth brushing with low concentration fluoride solution. The 42nd Kanagawa Dental College Society Conference, 2007.12,Yokosuka.
  • Yuki Arakawa,Kazuaki Kawamura, Shinji Toda, Song Wen, Satoshi Kubota, Hirohisa Arakawa. A study on Preservative of Intraoral Fluoride after Dentition Fluoride Solution. The 57th Japan Oral Hygiene Association General Meeting, 2008.10, Omiya.
  • Kawada Kazuhige, Sung Wooki, Yuki Arakawa, Arakawa Hirohisa: Effect of caries suppression by fluoride mouth wash in certain elementary school 2. Meeting of Tokai Region of Japan Oral Hygiene Association, Tokai Regional Meeting, Hamamatsu City, 2008. 12.14.
  • Yuki Arakawa, Ujjal K. Bhawal, Toshihau Ikoma, Kazunari Kuroba, Toshimi Kuroba, Tomoka Kubota, Shinjyuku Hamada, Hideaki Hamada, Hideo Kubota, Hirohisa Arakawa, Promotion of Epithelial Cell Migration by Low Concentration Fluoride Kanagawa Dental Club Society. The 130th meeting, 2009. 10, Yokosuka.
  • Kazunari Kimoto, Arakawa Yuki, Norihisa Ohno, Hirohisa Arakawa: Influence of Fluoride Application on Absorbable Hydoxyapatitie. Part 2-Inducibility of Sustained Release Fluoride to Human Osteoblasts-like Cells. Japan Oral Hygiene Association General Meeting, 2009, 10, Gifu.
  • Kazunari Kimoto, Yuki Arakawa, Toshitake Okuji, Hara Okuji, Hirohisa Arakawa: Influence of fluoride application on absorbable a-type tricalcium phosphate granules-two dimentional X-ray diffraction, FE-SEM, EDX analysis, The 58th Annual Meeting of Oral Hygiene Society, 2009, 10, Gifu Prefecture.

Research Grant

  • Yuki Arakawa: Foundation Grant. Futoshi Association, FY 2008.

Introduction to the Doctors

丸山 千輝

Dental PhysicianKazuaki Maruyama


  • ・Matsumoto Dental College Department of Dental Prosthodontics, Part-time Instructor
  • ・Member of Japan Prosthodontics Society
  • ・Member of the Academy of Clinical Dentistry
  • ・Dental Clinical Training Supervisor of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Japan
  • ・Member of Japanese Society of Oral Implantology
  • ・Member of Immediate loading study club
  • ・Affilated with the Japan Society of General Dentistry

Dental PhysicianMiyuki Arakawa


  • ・Graduated from Kanagawa Dental College
  • ・35 years of Clinical experience
小森 令賀

Pediatric DentistKomori, DDS, PhD


  • ・Graduated from Kanagawa Dental College
  • ・Doctor of Dentistry (Major: Department of Pediatric Dentistry)
  • ・Member of the Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry
大久保 学

Dental PhysicianManabu Ookubo


  • ・Member of Japanese Society of Oral Implantology
林 慧

Dental PhysicianKei Hayashi


The orthodontist specializes in treatment once a month at our clinic.
Please contact us for more information!!

ドクター 治療シーン
ドクター 治療シーン
ドクター 治療シーン

Introduction to the Dental Hygienists

歯科衛生士 木村

Dental HygienistKimura

Kimura’s Message to You

My name is Kimura and I am a dental hygienist. We treat people of all ages. Everyone’s oral hygiene is different, and I am dedicated to looking at each situation carefully so that we may ensure that everyone’s mouths are healthy! Thank you.

歯科衛生士 廣瀬

Dental HygienistHirose

Hirose’s Message to You

My name is Hirose and I am a dental hygienist.We will welcome you with a smile so that you can come to our hospital with peace of mind, and we will do our best to help protect your oral health. Thank you.

歯科衛生士 松村

Dental HygienistMatsumura

Matsumura’s Message to You

This is Matsumura, Dental Hygienist.We value our patients and do our best to help them with good oral care, so they can enjoy delicious meal.

歯科衛生士 竹内

Dental HygienistTakeuchi

Takeuchi’s Message to You

Hello my name is Takeuchi, Dental Hygienist. I would like to take time to have conversation with all patients so you can feel safe and relax at our clinic.


Introduction to the Dental Assistants

歯科助手・受付 天野

Dental Assistant/ReceptionistAmano

Amano’s Message to you

My name is Amano and I am a Dental Assistant. We all know that some people just do not like going to the dentist, but we are here to make your experience is as comfortable and painless as possible. Come see us so we can put a smile on your face! Thank you.

歯科助手・受付 萩谷

Dental Assistant/ReceptionistHagiya

Hagiya’s Message to you

Hello , I am Hagiya, Dental Assistant at Arakawa Family Dental. Nice to meet you!I would always like to understand your concerns and worries, so we can all work together to serve you better. Thank you very much.

歯科助手・受付 齋藤

Dental Assistant/ReceptionistSaito

Saito’s Message to you

Hello, my name is Saito, Dental Assistant at Arakawa Family Dental. We will always greet and help you with a big smile on our face. We are here to help you through good communication. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you very much.

歯科助手・受付 皆越

Dental Assistant/Reception ManagerMinakoshi


  • ・Treatment Coordinator
  • ・Second Class Infection Manager

Minakoshi’s Message to you

I would like to do a good job always, with a big smile , so patients can feel ease.

歯科助手・受付 岡田

Dental Assistant/ReceptionistOkada

Okada’s Message to you

My name is Okada, Dental Assistant. Nice to meet you.We are waiting for you with a smile, so that you can feel relieved at our clinic during your visit. Thank you.

Office work

事務 グリフィツ

Office workHirori

Hirori’s Message to you

Hello my name is Hirori, I am the American Liaison for this clinic.
I would be happy to answer all questions you may have, I look forward to seeing all your smile faces.


滅菌・消毒 田尻


Tajiri’s Message to you

Hello my name is Tajiri. I would do my best to keep our clinic clean and safe, so you feel safe to be treated and at our clinic.

あらかわファミリーデンタル 集合写真