Access|Yokosuka Dentist「Arakawa Family Dental」

Name of the clinic
Medical Corporation GOOD T Arakawa Family Dental
Street Address
4-6-5 Maboricho, Yokosuka-shi Kanagawa prefecture 239-0802
Phone Number
Nearest Train Station
Mabori Kaigan Station, 9 minutes on foot from the station
By Bus
Bus from Mabori Coast Station(SU 22, SU 24, Hori 23)2 minute walk from Mabori Tyugaku
Payment method
All major credit cards,Insurance
Treatments offered
Dental treatment/Oral Surgery/Sports Dentistry/Periodontal Disease/Orthodontic treatment/Cosmetic Dentistry/Dry mouth Therapy/Metallic Allergies/Whitening/Visiting Dentistry

Directions from the station

  • 「馬堀海岸駅」を背にして右方向に進みます。

    Once you exit the Mabori Kaigan Station, take a right.

  • すぐ向かいのスリーエフさんを通過して道なりにおよそ400メートル直進します。

    Walk straight for about 400 meters, passing through convience store Three F on the opposite side of the road.

  • しばらく続く住宅街を抜けます。

    Keep walking straight. You will be walking through a residential area.

  • ファミリーマートさん前の「馬堀町3丁目交差点」を右折します。

    Turn right when you see a Family Mart, which should be at the Morihori cho 3-chome intersection.

  • 【馬堀三丁目】バス停を通過します。

    After turning right, you will see a bus stop. Walk past it.

  • その先のリバーストーンさんを通過します。

    You will pass a River Stone Coffee shop.

  • その先すぐ右手に白・茶色のマンションが見えてきたら右折します。

    Turn right once you see brown and white apartments on your right.

  • 馬堀小学校横の坂を直進します。

    Go straight, it will be an up-hill slope. You will then see Mabori Elementary School on your left.

  • 突き当たり、二手に分かれる道を左に進みます。

    The road will veer off to the left, follow the road to the left.

  • 馬堀4丁目公園の奥にあるのが当院です。

    Our clinic is located on the back of Mobori 4-chome park.