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Tricare Preferred Provider.Please inquire if you have anothertype of insurance.


2020年 2月 27日 [Important] New Coronavirus Notice and Request
To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, staff may be required to wear a mask.
We understand that facial expressions are difficult to see and words are difficult to hear, so this may be considered an inconvenient, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

If you meet any of the following requirements from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, please consult with your nearest "Returnee / Contact Center" or a medical professional before visiting our clinic.

◆ Symptoms of a cold or fever of 37.5 ° 99. or more continue for 4 days or more.
(Including when you need to keep taking antipyretic)
◆ Severe drowsiness (malaise) or breathlessness (dyspnea).

The dental treatment is done with your mouth open
Even if you have no fever, if you have symptoms such as coughing, do not go to the doctor if you have any symptoms.
2019年 12月 25日 the year-end and New Year closing
From December 28 (Saturday) to January 3rd (Friday) we will be closed for the year-end and New Year holidays. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we appreciate your patience and understanding. The clinic will reopen January 4th with normal business hours. Thank you.
2019年 11月 7日 Temporary Closure of Clinic
We would like to let you know in advance that our clinic will be closed for four days in November. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause but thank you for understanding and choosing Arakawa Family Dental.

Temporary Closure Dates: November 13th through the 16th, 2019.

In Case of a Dental Emergency please visit our website and fill out the inquiry or you can contact us at 090-5390-7962.

Thank you!
2019年 10月 7日 Children's Orthodontic Seminar
We had a great time attending the Children's Orthodontic Seminar in Tokyo last week, where we saw many great techniques associated with Children's Orthodontics. Each year more children suffer from occlusions. We want to treat your child's teeth, and we have the skills to make your child's smile bigger and brighter! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!
2019年 5月 24日 We are now Tricare Providers!
We can now treat those who have Tricare Insurance. If you have another type of insurance, please make sure that you bring your claim form to your appointment. We look forward to seeing and treating you!


Dr. Arakawa graduated from Kanagawa Dental University, here in Japan, and also attended New York University, College of Dentistry in the United States for his postgraduate program. His philosophy in dentistry is rooted in preventative care based on careful comprehensive dental examination and diagnosis. He is diligent and dexterous and also believes in providing the best quality dental care to his clients.

院長/歯学博士 荒川 勇喜

Yuki Arakawa, D.D.S, PhD

Our Atmosphere

We are proud to provide a state-of-the-art facility for the highest quality dental care available. We have combined a calm atmosphere with the latest technology, and in doing so, have created a place where our client’s receive the level of dental care that they need and deserve. We have a private room so you can relax during your appointment and a second floor that gives our little ones a more comfortable atmosphere during their visit. Our client’s comfort is our number one priority here at Arakawa Family Dental, and we treat all of our clients like family.




We offer counseling, in a private counseling room, where treatment plans and any concerns with treatment are discussed. Dr. Arakawa will not move forward with the treatment plan unless the client understands all of their options. During this time, Dr. Arakawa listens to his client’s wishes and takes the time to clear up any misunderstandings that may have occurred about the treatment plan.


02Preventative Treatment

Above all else, Dr. Arakawa is a teacher. “It is important to teach my clients about the ways to prevent cavities and how to properly take care of their teeth.” His main goal is to make sure that all of his clients have the proper information and tools needed in order to have the best oral health possible.


03High Tech Precision Dental Treatment

We provide super precision therapy from the use of our latest high tech dental equipment such as our: Dental CT Scanner, Dental microscope, and our Implant Simulation Guide.


04Children's Private Floor

At Arakawa Family Dental, we provide a private floor where we can focus on the health promotion of our children. We have trained pediatric dentists that specialize in the oral treatments of small children. Our goal is to make sure that children are as comfortable as possible and we can treat their oral needs as quickly and painless as possible. We want our children to be comfortable here at Arakawa Family Dental and strive to get away from the stigma that dentists are scary.


05Children's Space

Children at Arakawa Family Dental, have a playroom to themselves. Child care services are available during appointments where your children will be looked after by our staff members. We also have a baby-changing table for the convienance of parents with small children.


06Barrier Free

Our clinic is easily accessible. We have a built in ramp to make it easier for clients who are in wheelchairs and for clients with strollers.


Children’s Orthodontics

A more natural orthodontic technique that helps correct growing children with breathing difficulties, TMJ, and many other problems by use of a mouth-guard instead of the use of metal fitting equipment.

The Cavity Free Club

We strive to teach our children that taking care of their teeth is very important. So we make it fun with the creation of The Cavity Free Club! This club will give your children the motivation they need to stay cavity free for a lifetime!

Whitening &
Esthetic dentistry

Our goal is to whiten teeth back to its original color. We also perform treatments of fillings. These fillings will produce a superior look in appearance while maintaining its durability.


Through the Use of New technology, we can now better serve you with treatments that would not have been possible before.

Dental CT Scanner

Diagnosis can be found much easier by grasping the detail of the bone, jaw, and nerve in 3D, which could not be confirmed on the plane. It is useful for various treatments, such as the Implant, Endodontics, Periodontics, and Orthodontics.

Dental Microscope

This dental microscope can expand an image up to 25 times larger than normal and will allow us to check places inside of your mouth that can not be seen by the naked eye. This helps us to better understand what is going on inside your gums and teeth, preventing future problems that may occur.

Implant Simulation Guide

This implant simulation guide ensures a safe and accurate treatment for implants. It is a guiding system that simulates the CT image based on the computer input, which in turn, embeds the implant. This guiding system ensures that the implant is at the optimal position.

Sterilization 優れた消毒・滅菌システム

Infection control is a major priority when it comes to the tools that we use on our clients. Our clinic practices the best sterilization techniques,by the book, and we always change out our equipment between each client. We ensure that we use sterilized equipment just before treatment and we throw out the equipment that cannot be sterilized. Infection control is something we have and will always take seriously here at Arakawa Family Dental.


We do not want any reoccurances or issues to occur once treatment has been completed. It is important to have regular checkups so that problems will not reoccur.

We are devising many different techniques to allow children to be comfortable at the dentist.

Regular checkups prevent cavities, infections, and various diseases that can occur from a lack of preventative actions. Make sure to have regular check ups every six months for happy and healthy gums and teeth.

“Oral flail” refers to the declination of the body due to older age, which can cause a slight decrease in oral function and bias of food. Older people are more likely to fall into oral flail when the number of teeth are reduced.

We provide safe care with our mother’s to be. We want to make sure that ladies who are pregnant are healthy as well as their unborn babies. So please do not hesitate to come see us. Your safety is our number one priority.

If you are feeling any discomfort or have a cavities, please come see us as soon as possible!

This disease is mostly caused by loose teeth. Early detection of this disease and early treatment are the key points because subjective symptoms are unlikely.

If you are disabled, or are elderly and are having issues getting to our clinic, we can come to your house or facility. We want to make sure that everyone has the proper oral hygiene that they deserve.

Are your children’s teeth crooked? We have a new orthodontic treatment by our state of the art MRC system. So please come see us as soon as your child shows signs of crooked teeth.

Orthodontic treatment is possible even after adulthood. We deal with “inconspicuous correction devices” which can treat you without worrying about your appearance.

We offer services that will make your smile bigger and brighter! This service is offered to clients who are also allergic to metal fillings.

We have two different techniques to create brighter and whiter teeth. You can choose between having a take-home whitening kit or you can get your teeth whitened in the office.

We offer cleanings by a dental hygienist who is a cleaning specialist. This will help prevent reoccurrences from occuring in your teeth; a healthy mouth is a happy mouth.

There are many reasons as to why someone may have bad breath. At Arakawa Family Dental, we get down to the root of the problem and find out what is causing you to have bad breath. Once we know what the problem is, we will then find the solution so that you do not have to deal with the embarrassing bad breath.

Having a dry mouth can be very irritating and inconvenient. It makes it difficult to taste your meals and also leads to cavities and bad breath. We will treat your dry mouth so that you can enjoy your food.


We offer dentures that will fit perfectly in your mouth and will be as comfortable and aesthetic as your own teeth.

We offer imbedded artificial roots of the tooth that has been lost and make it look as natural as the teeth we were born with.

We will keep the time of your Appointment. Please come in early so that you may fill out the proper paperwork.



  • Pregnant Women
  • People with Children
  • Those who are afraid of the Dentis
  • People with Serious illnesses

We understand that the dentist is not always a fun place to be so we treat our clients with the upmost respect and are sensitive to those who are afraid. We want to make sure that our clients know how to maintain your oral health and that if we do run into difficult situations that we treat it immediately. Come see us at Arakawa Family Dental! We look forward to treating you like family!!