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Introduction to the Clinic:



We welcome you with a smile as soon as you walk in!


Please do not hesitate to ask even the most trivial matters!


Waiting Room:

We have a water server that is available to you while you relax and wait.


Powder Space:

A powder room is available for brushing before and after your treatment.



We have a bright environment that may help alleviate any anxiety or tension before your procedure.


Counseling Room:

We provide counseling in a private room before you even sit in a dental chair. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have in private.


Semi-Private Room Clinic:

We provide semi-private rooms where you will have privacy during your treatments.


Private Room Clinic:

A private room is also offered during treatments.



Children’s Private Floor:

Our second floor of the clinic is exclusively designated to children. Children who are full of energy can receive their treatment without worrying about their surroundings.


Children’s Space:

We provide picture books and toys!


Free Nursery Room:

We provide many toys!
For those who have small children, you can safely drop off your children.


Powder Space:

There is a diaper changing table and an auxiliary toilet seat for children on 2F. Please use it freely.


Seminar Room:


Equipment Introduction:

Digital X-Ray/CT for Dentistry:

Because our X-ray machine gives off only a small dosage of radiation, your child will be safe from any negative side effects. Furthermore, with our dental CT, we will are able to confirm, in detail, the thickness of the jaw bone, the condition of the nerves, and the ability to see the blood vessels in three dimensions. This high tech piece of equipment is also used for various other treatments such as implants.


Dental Microscope (Microscope):

The microscope provides high magnification of the treated area. This gives us the ability to check the invisible areas of your teeth not usually seen by the naked eye in an expanded view. Since we display the images from the microscope on the monitor, you will be able to see the images with your own eyes. Our clinic uses superior equipment and provides more appropriate treatment for patients by providing more precise treatments.

歯科用顕微鏡 (マイクロスコープ)

Class B Sterilizer:

We sterilize all of our equipment with our B sterilizer. It thoroughly kills fungus and keeps our equipment, used during treatments, hygienic. Because it is a device that goes into the patient’s mouth, we strive to thoroughly prevent all infections.


Sterilization Pack:

We place the equipment used for treatment in a special pack and sterilize it. By sterilizing the equipment in the pack we are able to keep the equipment sterilized until just before use.


Dental Laser:

The Dental Laser is used to reduce relaxation after a tooth extraction and reduces the inflammation of periodontal disease. This helps the patient to have less pain and discomfort.


Peri-Test (Dynamic Periodontal Tissue Examination/ Diagnostic Equipment):

This is a device that confirms the presence of periodontal tissue and the integration after an implant surgery (firmly connected with the bone). This helps give patient’s peace of mind knowing that this piece of equipment makes an implant treatment successful.


Extraoral Vaccum:

This is an extra-oral aspiration device that quickly collects blood and dust that has scattered when drilling on teeth. It keeps the inside of the clinic clean, and helps to prevent in-clinic infection.


Chair Side Vacuum (Technical Vacuum):

When adjusting dentures and coverings, this device sucks up at all the fog and dust that scatters during the process. This helps keep the inside of the clinic clean.


Oral Cavity Camera/ Dental Single Lens Reflex Camera:

This helps us to keep track of your treatment. We keep records in your patient file and this helps us to see the progress of your treatments, such as the before and after treatment images.


Phase Contrast Microscope

Innumerable amounts of bacteria inhabit the oral cavity and cause loss of teeth. By grasping the condition of bacteria and cells, we confirm the tendency of periodontal disease etc. and perform treatment to reduce bacteria as much as possible.


Saliva Test

By checking the bacteria in your mouth, you can determine the risk of cavities and periodontal disease. We can prevent cavities and other oral conditions more effectively by proposing a program that is suitable for each person.


AED (Automatic External Defibrillator)

It is a medical device to give an electric shock to the heart that has become convulsed and loses the pumping function to drain the blood (ventricular fibrillation) and to return to a normal rhythm. We have this available if the need ever arises.


Lip Closure Force Measuring Device (Ripple Kun)

It is a device that measures the power of closing the mouth numerically.It also measures the values before and after training to confirm the effectiveness of the treatment.


Oral Moisture Meter (Mucus)

This device can measure the wet and dry condition of the oral mucosa in about 2 seconds just by touching the tongue mucosa. This does not affect the patient in any way, and the digital display is easy to understand with numerical values. We use this for improving conditions such as dry mouth.



It is a device used for the treatment of the root [root canal treatment]. It demonstrates extremely high performances for precise formation and expansion inside the root canal, and the filling of medication. It is also possible to treat the difficult root canal treatment smoothly, and is a more accurate and precise treatment.


Visiting Dental Equipment

Visit Dental Treatment Unit (Viva Ace)

Visit Dental Treatment Unit (Viva Ace) It is a piece of equipment used for visits usually conducted in the office. This is available for carrying in a compact format that combines the same treatment environment as a doctor's office. These pieces of equipment consist of a high-performance micro-motor that can be used for multiple purposes and an ultrasonic scaler. Because the installation is simple, it is possible to treat smoothly at home, nursing facilities, or etc. without having to wait.


Portable Roentgen (X-Shot)

Portable dental radiograph with built-in battery. There is no need for a power source, and imaging in various conditions and postures is possible, so even bed-ridden patients can check their health of their teeth more easily than before.


Features of our Clinic

01Emphasis on Counseling

We listen to the patient's words and will talk until you understand carefully.


Getting work done on your mouth can be "an anxious experience.” What kind of treatment should I get done?" and "What if I have pain?"

In order to eliminate such anxieties, we provide the optimal treatments. Before you even sit in a chair, we first perform a counseling session as well as conducting an examination. This will help us to make the best treatment plan for your specific needs.

We use monitors and models to make sure you understand your need for treatment, so please do not hesitate to ask if you have any concerns or doubts.

02Treatment that emphasizes prevention


Preventive Dentistry is important in order to prevent diseases, pain and discomfort. Regular checks are encouraged to prevent cavities from forming.

Patients often state, "I am fine because I brush my teeth every day" and "I am okay because I have never had a toothache".

If you have plaque that cannot be simply brushed away or if you have tooth decay, you may possibly have periodontal disease.
We recommend that you have regular visits to the dentist and make it a habit so that you can have long lasting teeth.

Benefits of prevention

  • Prevent cavities and periodontal disease
  • It can be treated before the symptoms get worse
  • Early treatment is painless or less painful
  • You can reduce the cost of implants and dentures in the future

03Precision Dental Treatments

Precision dental treatments have been complicated in the past and have been hard to achieve. In order to have non-repeating treatments, precision treatments are important. This is why here, at our clinic, we consistantly practice precision treatments.

Dental CT


Dental CT is a roentgen that can be used for 3D (3D) three-dimensional imaging, which is a specialized for maxillofacial regions. It is possible to perform more precise examinations when performing treatments that require the analysis of invisible parts in your mouth as well as precision techniques such as implant treatments, tooth extractions, periodontal disease treatments, and corrective treatments. Although there is a limit to the amount of information that can be obtained with conventional X-rays (2D), it is possible to easily confirm the parts that cannot be seen with the dental CT. This leads to improving the certainty of treatments.

Treatment example diagnosed by dental CT

  • ・Implants
    During the preoperative examination of the implant, a CT helps to confirm the placement position. It is also helpful for intraoperative and postoperative evaluations in order to confirm the precision of the implant. We strive to conduct the best precision treatments possible.
  • ・Wisdom Tooth Extractions
    By being able to confirm the position of the tooth that is hidden, such as a wisdom tooth, it is possible to remove the tooth more safely and accurately.
  • ・Diagnosis of Periodontal Disease
    This condition can be seen with a CT, showing us what is not seen by the 2D x-ray. This helps us to make a more accurate diagnosis and helps us to make a proper treatment plan. It can also be used for three-dimensional morphology (Shaping) of the jaw-bone, positioning of the nerves, and the examination of bone density. Precision and safety have improved more than ever in a better treatment environment.

Advantages of installing a Dental CT

  • Compared with a doctor's office, without a CT, accurate diagnosis and safe and reliable treatments are possible.
  • We can confirm examination results and postoperative evaluations on the spot.
  • When you need to have a CT taken of the inside of your mouth, you can save time without going to a partner clinic.
  • You can check the status of the treatment with a stereo image, and see why your treatment is necessary.

What is the difference from medical CT?

  • The radiation dose is very small, about 1/10 that of "medical CT".
  • It can be taken from a super high-resolution image to a wide range, and can obtain about 5 times the amount of information compared with a medical CT.
  • There is almost no concern that the image will be disturbed for a short time (10 seconds) shooting while sitting down.
  • It is possible to shoot in about 5 minutes from sitting to shooting.

Dental Microscope


For advanced treatments, precision of the treatment is particularly required. By using a microscope, you can expand the field of view to about 3 to 20 times bigger than that seen by the naked eye. This gives us the ability to check the details of your teeth and have a more precise treatment. With general fillings, using a microscope will prevent us from drilling into the healthy portion of the tooth. We will be able to see the exact area of the tooth that needs to be drilled into making this a more accurate treatment.
In addition, patients will feel more confident with their treatment plan because we will show the images from the microscope showing the necessity for treatment.
Currently, only 1 to 2% of clinics use microscopes all over the country. The short history of use of microscopes in the dental field, the high costs of the equipment, and the lack of sufficient education are considered to be the main reasons for the lack of widespread use. In our clinic, we use a microscope for all treatments and work hard on the improvement of technology. We want to make sure that we can provide more precise and advanced treatments to our patients.

About Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is the treatment of the root of the tooth. It is a treatment that cleans the roots of the teeth that have been contaminated with bacteria. We then stuff the root canal so that the bacteria cannot contaminate the root again. The root canal, which is located inside the tooth, is also one of the most needed treatments for a microscope due to its very complex and detailed form. By using a microscope, we can perform these treatments while confirming the details of the root that can not be seen by the naked eye. This enables accuracy of treatment and significantly increases the success rate while reducing the reoccurrence rate.

  • ・About Other Treatments
    Microscopes make the images of your teeth large, which gives us the ability to see more clearly, and can help us to see the condition of your gums and teeth. A dental microscope helps when drilling into teeth, applying fillings, oral surgery, or whether you have tooth decay.
  • ・Benefits of Treatment
    Because a microscope helps us to see the details not often seen by the naked eye, it is possible for us to treat the condition more aggressively while only treating the affected areas without excessive drilling into the remaining teeth.
    Since there is no need to drill excessively into the teeth, your teeth will last longer and treatment times will be shorter; this, is more beneficial for root canal treatments.
  • ・About the Penetration Rate
    There are only 3,000 microscopes currently in use, which is only about 5% of the approximate 68,000 dental clinics in Japan.
    Currently, the rate of microscope use is about 1 in every 20 dental clinics.

Implant Simulation Guide


The Implant Simulation Guide is a system that simulates the placement of an implant from a computer based on the images taken by the CT.
The implant is placed at the correct position and angled using the intraoral mold called an implant guide.

Advantages of treatment by implant simulation guide

  • Safe and accurate implant placement.
  • The smooth operation allows you to save time.
  • The extent of gum removal can be minimized.
  • It can handle many cases from one tooth to multiple teeth.

04Disinfection and sterilization for patients

Safe treatment with thorough prevention of nosocomial infections

Infection control is something that we all worry about when it comes to our mouths and health. There have been problems with the use of therapeutic devices before, but here this is something you do not need to worry about. No matter how well the treatment is done, infected equipment can cause treatments to become unsuccessful. Please be assured that we sterilize all of our equipment and disinfect between each patient.

High Pressure Steam Sterilizer

Sterilization with high-pressure steam can remove bacteria and viruses that could not be removed after cleaning. This ensures the treatment apparatus is cleaner and hygienic.


Individually Sterilized Packets

All dental tools are sterilized and packed in sterilized packets. These are kept sterile until just before treatment. We strive to ensure hygiene management.


Disposable Items

All disposable items such as injection needles, paper cups and gloves are replaced between each patient.


05Children’s Focused Second Floor

You can go to the clinic while enjoying yourself on the children's floor without hesitation. We often hear patients say

"With a child, it is hard to find time to go to the dentist!" "Its hard to stay up to date with my dental treatments!"
Parents can have peace of mind knowing that we have an exclusive second floor just for children. Child-care is provided while you complete your dental treatments.

Facilities and treatment that are good for children

楽しみながらお待ちいただけるChildren's Space


親御様の治療も安心Free Childcare


お子様の治療経験豊富なOur Pediatric Dentist


お子様の歯を守るCavity Free Club


06Barrier Free


You can enter the clinic with a stroller or wheelchair. There are no steps inside of our clinic, so you can feel free to come inside with no issues.
In addition, because there are eight parking spots available, it is easy access for car, bike, or bicycle.
Eight parking spots for those who drive!!







  • 1 常勤の歯科医師が医療安全対策、及び、高齢者の口腔機能管理に係る研修を受けていること。
  • 2 常勤の歯科衛生士が一人以上いて、予防やメンテナンスができる医院であること。
  • 3 在宅医療の対応や、緊急時に連携している介護・福祉関係者・保険医療機関があること。
  • 4 緊急時対応のために、AEDや救急蘇生セットなどの設備が用意されていること。
  • 5 滅菌などの衛生対策が十分に図られていて、感染症患者の二次感染防止に必要な設備があること。
  • 6 これまで、訪問歯科診療や歯周炎のメンテナンス、補綴物の維持管理などを継続的に行ってきたこと。

Arakawa Family Dental wants to support your oral health as a dentist's office where local residents can attend for the rest of their lives.