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Treatment Flow


You can make an appointment by telephone or online. If you would like things to run more smoothly,please make an appointment before your first visit.
We can be reached at 046-842-1123

First Visit/Counseling

You will begin with a Counseling session before you even sit in a dental chair.
Please tell us any symptoms you may be having or any pain and discomfort that you may be feeling at the moment. We will discuss your lifestyle, eating habits, brushing habits and more, as well as, discuss any dental treatments you have had in the past. This will give us the best indication on how to move forward with your treatment.

Counseling session



The examination will help us to recognize if a patient has one of the following:
・Periodontal Disease
・Alignment/Biting condition of teeth
・Other oral diseases
We will also take radiographs and intraoral photographs, which gives us more information about the condition of your mouth. In case a patient is in pain, we will treat the pain before addressing anything else.

Second Counseling二回目以降

Once we have the results of the examination and X-rays, we will explain the results of the tests and make a treatment plan to address any issues you may be having. If you have any concerns before the treatment begins, please let us know so that we may address it.


If you agree with the treatment plan, which was discussed during counseling, we will move forward with your treatment. Please note that the number of visits to our clinic varies depending on the type of treatment you are receiving.


Maintenance, or regular check-ups, keeps the patient’s state of the oral cavity clean, preventing the reoccurrence of cavities and periodontal disease. Maintenance checkups will depend on the client’s disease risk. (Check –ups are done in 3 to 6 month intervals.)

Orthodontic Dentistry


Many people think that orthodontic treatment is "treatment for cleaning the teeth". This is not the case. Having crooked teeth can cause many problems.
It can lower someone's self esteem, it can be hard to brush your teeth properly, and you could have a higher risk of getting cavities and periodontal disease.
It has been said that the chewing force and the work of the joints and muscles of the jaw decreases and the balance of the face may collapse. In our clinic, we are offering adult corrections with an orthodontist specialist. As a matter of course, the finish is carefully treated so that treatment will be completed in as short of a time period as possible. For maintaining a healthy oral cavity and for a beautiful smile, please request a consultation with us as soon as possible.

To those who are considering Orthodontic Treatment

Many adults may believe that braces are just for children and that braces may hurt their appearance. We offer other types of orthodontics that will help it to become less visible to others. In our clinic, we also prepare orthodontic appliances that will not hurt your appearance.

Mouthpiece type custom made orthodontic equipment

Invisaline Features Advantages

Mouthpiece type
custom made orthodontic equipment

Invisaline is totally different from ordinary orthodontic devices that have wires. It is a thin and transparent mouthpiece type of orthodontic device. It is removable and very hygienic.
Less stress is put on you and is a very popular remedy method because it is hard to notice during the correction process.
  • This is a transparent device and is hard to notice.
  • Removable and you can enjoy your meal without any restrictions.
  • Easily removable to brush your teeth. This will decrease your chances of forming a cavity.
  • The number of clinic visits is fewer than wire devices, which makes this option less of a burden.
  • There are no risks of allergies to metal.

State of the art Treatment using 3D simulation System


The patient's data will be sent to Align Corporation in the USA.
Then a treatment plan will be set up in our 3D treatment planning system called the Clinch Check Software. It is an orthodontic method that makes multiple mouthpieces themselves about every two weeks. Less pain, characterizes it because it moves teeth little by little. Also, we support comprehensively through the Internet with Align until we complete the treatment.

  • ・This is an orthodontic method that you can install and remove by yourself. Corrective force will be applied and wearing them is very important, so the patient's cooperation is required.
  • ・Please wear at least 22 hours a day (including bedtime).
  • ・If the installation time decreases, it will affect the treatment period and the treatment results. So, please follow the treatment plan and wear Invasaline for the period prescribed.
White Bracket Features Advantages
In ordinary straightening devices, there are many people who care about metal devices and some people give up orthodontic treatment for their appearance. Because the white bracket treats with a white color bracket, that is similar to the teeth, it makes it less noticeable.
  • Corrective device is less conspicuous.
  • Can accommodate various teeth shapes.
  • Orthodontic laws have been practiced for a long time and I have a earned lots of achievements.

Price List

Pediatric Dentistry

※horizontal scrolling →

Types Images Details/Characteristics Price
Orthodontics for children Orthodontics for children This is a pediatric orthodontic treatment that uses orthodontic appliances and muscle function training according to the child's development.

440,000 yen
(Excluding tax: 400,000 yen)
(If treatment period is around two years due to PCS/ moving out from Japan, price will be cheaper, ¥200,000+Tax~ ¥250,000+Tax)

【The following fees are required separately—】

Full examination and diagnosis fee ...... 38,500 yen (first consultation will be performed free of charge)
Adjustment and training fee ...... 3,300-5,500 yen/ month
If you are going to have wire braces (adult braces) after junior high school, you will be asked to pay the difference (330,000 yen) of the cost for adult braces. The adult treatment price 700,000 yen plus Tax subtract (-) child treatment price 400,000 yen plus Tax

※All prices include tax.
※Payment can be made in lump sum or in installments. (Credit card payment is accepted. The total amount remains the same even if payment is made in installments)

※***Patients with Tricare insurance , please check the Tricare website for more details on benefits here—

Adult Dentistry

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Types Images Details/Characteristics Price
Adult orthodontics
(Front side wire)
Adult orthodontics The device is worn on the front side. The device will be visible, but it is possible to use a translucent device that is made as unnoticeable as possible. The treatment is less expensive than other devices.

770,000 yen
(Excluding tax: 700,000yen)

【The following fees are required separately—】

Full examination/diagnosis fee: ...... 38,500 yen (first consultation will be performed free of charge)
Adjustment fee: ...... 5,000 yen / visit

Mouthpiece Orthodontics
(Invisalign: Mouthpiece custom-made Orthodontic appliance)
Mouthpiece Orthodontics The clear plastic mouthpiece allows for correction without being noticed by others. The removable mouthpiece can be kept clean and hygienic.

990,000 yen
(Excluding tax: 900,000 yen)

(partial orthodontic treatment or minor tooth movement)
MTM Partial correction is available when there is no major problem overall, but only some areas of concern.

110,000 yen~
(Excluding tax: 100,000yen~)
Price varies depending on conditions

※All prices include tax.
※Payment can be made in lump sum or in installments. (Credit card payment is accepted. The total amount remains the same even if payment is made in installments)

※***Patients with Tricare insurance , please check the Tricare website for more details on benefits here—

General Dentistry


Most clients who are displaying symptoms in their teeth and mouth will go see a dentist only after they feel pain. However, in most cases, that tooth has progressed to a severe condition in which the pain is so bad that they will finally go see a dentist. In some cases, you may have to remove a nerve or have a tooth extracted. Therefore, it is important to protect your oral health by going to routine check-ups.

How do we get cavities?

The plaque attached to the surface of the tooth is made up of many kinds of bacteria. This bacteria feeds off the sugars that we ingest and then produces an acid that destroys our teeth. This acid dissolves that hard enamel on the surface of the tooth and opens a hole.
Bacteria will then spread further down into the tooth causing more damage.


Self-Check of a Dental Cavity

  • A lot of eating and drinking, constant ingestion of food and drinks that contain sugar
  • Tooth alignment, uneven bite
  • Often favor sweet or sour beverages or food
  • You have many fillings and crowns
  • Often go to bed within one hour after eating or drinking
  • Not brushing your teeth before bed
  • Older individuals
  • Brushing your teeth less than twice a day and you do not floss.

Such lifestyle habits can cause cavities and cause excessive dental progression.
Let’s try to improve and get rid of these bad habits.

Progression of a Dental Cavity

We will take appropriate measures to ensure your treatments are precise and treated according to the progression of the cavity.
We will try to minimize the amount of drilling into the tooth and protect the client’s oral integrity.

  • C1
    Mild Cavity
    The enamel on the surface of the tooth is attacked by the bacteria.
  • C2
    Medium Cavity
    The cavity has advanced into the dentin.
  • C3
    Severe Cavity
    The cavity is progressing near the nerve of the tooth.
  • C4
    The most Severe Cavity
    The entire tooth is infected by the bacteria, which Is affecting the roots and the area around the roots.

Root Canal Treatment

Dr. Arakawa wants to save as much of your tooth as possible.

The root canal treatment is used to treat the part of the root where the bacterium has advanced to the nerve of the tooth. By performing a root canal treatment, it is sometimes possible to avoid an extraction even if the extraction is deemed necessary.

Our clinic treats precise root canal treatments using a dental microscope and dental CT, along with other high-tech equipment. We try our best to treat your teeth so that we can prevent an extraction.

Preservation treatment using MTA cement is also performed. If you are diagnosed with a tooth extraction at another clinic, please also consult with us.

Flow of Root Canal Treatment:

根管治療の流れ 根管治療の流れ


What is the purpose of a dental microscope?


By introducing a microscope (dental microscope) at our clinic, we can conduct accurate treatments to the invisible part of your teeth not seen by the naked eye. The treatment done by the naked eye may drill into a place where it is not essential to drill into, or it may cause a reoccurrence by leaving a part of the infection with the cavity. Precise root canal treatments using a dental microscope make it possible to prevent secondary cavities.

MTA Therapy that Saves the Nerve

A severe bacteria invasion that has progressed to the nerve is treated to preserve the nerve. If not treated it is possible for inflammation to occur because of the increased stimulation.
MTA treatments (nerve preservation treatment) can save the nerve with a higher success rate compared with the conventional treatment.
If you want to keep the nerves in your teeth, please contact us soon.

The Effects of MTA Treatments

  • Prevent bacterial invasion
    Because MTA cement has dentin adhesion, it firmly solidifies without gaps, and it can prevent the invasion of bacteria.
  • Disinfection of Bacteria
    Most of the bacteria is said to be strongly acidic and bacteria dies when it has an alkalinity PH of 9.5.
    The MTA cement changes the alkalinity after 3 hours of treatment, which has killed the bacteria because the PH of 12.5 is a high value. It is characterized by its high sterilizing ability.
  • Tooth Regeneration
    It continuously releases calcium little by little, so it encourages regeneration of the teeth and bones.

Periodontal Disease


Do you know what the leading cause of losing teeth is?
Periodontal Disease!
Periodontal Disease is a disease that spreads to such an extent that it is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the prevalent infection.
It is characterized by no pain, but the more progressive the disease becomes, the patient will notice pain and loosening of the teeth. This disease has subjective symptoms and is hard to see.
This is known as the “silent disease” which is the quiet progressive disease because tooth extraction is often necessary when you notice it.Early detections and early treatments are the biggest points for protecting your teeth.
Please feel free to contact us as soon as you notice anything different or feel pain.

Symptoms of Periodontal Disease


If you have any of these symptoms, there is a possibility that you may have Periodontal Disease.
We recommend that you make an appointment as soon as possible.

The State of Progression of Periodontal Disease

  1. Healthy Gums

    When the gingiva is healthy, the teeth are firmly held by the periodontal tissue.

  2. Gingivitis

    Inflammation of the gingiva will occur due to plaque around the tooth, which causes the gingiva to become swollen.

  3. Mild Periodontitis

    The Periodontal pocket infiltrates deeper and the bone supporting the teeth (alveolar bone) melts and gets lost. You can also see bleeding when brushing your teeth.

  4. Moderate Periodontitis

    The loss of alveolar bone increases and the teeth move. Pus may also come out. Bad breath may occur.

  5. Severe Periodontitis

    The Alveolar bone is lost more than 2/3rd of the way down the tooth and becomes loose. This eventually causes them to fall out. Bad breath will become stronger.

The flow of Periodontal Disease Treatment



Questions of subjective symptoms and symptoms of concern will be asked during the counseling session. Each treatment method will be explained depending on the progression of the disease. The patient will then have the opportunity to voice any concerns that he or she may have at that time, so please feel free to ask anything that you may want to discuss during this time.


Periodontal disease can have effects on the whole body, this is why we make Inquiries about the whole body condition and have an examination of the periodontal tissue will occur during this time period. X-rays will be taken during this time as well.

Presentation of Diagnosis/Treatment Plan

Initial Treatment

We will remove plaque and calculus, which is the cause of periodontal disease, thoroughly.
Scaling (Tarter removal), Routine Planning (Tarter removal from the roots of the teeth) and Brushing treatment occurs during this time period.


After the initial treatment, we will inspect your mouth again to determine its treatment effect. We will explain future policies based on your results.


In order to maintain a healthy condition after treatment, it is very important to receive dental checkups and PMTC regularly. Depending on the patient’s circumstances, we recommend you go every 3-6 months.

Other Treatments

At our clinic, we are putting the emphasis on periodontal tissue regeneration treatments such as Emodin, GBR, and others.

Emedgean Method

This is one way to regenerate the chin bones that have been lost due to periodontal disease. First, we begin incising the gingiva, removing the calculus that is stuck to the root. Then, we inject the medicine called “Emogyein gel” that encourages the bone to regenerate.
Since the ingredient of emedgein gel is protein, it is absorbed in the body without having any side effects. It is not necessary to remove it after regenerating the periodontal tissue.

  • 1. After anesthesia, the gingiva of the part to be treated is dissected and dental calculus is removed (periodontal disease surgical treatment).
  • 2. Apply Emed Gain to the removed space.
  • 3. Suture the wound. Emedgein gel promotes regeneration of periodontal tissue. Gingival is regenerated to the correct state, and returns the gingiva close to a healthy state.

If periodontal state does not improve, even in periodontal surgical treatment or periodontal tissue regeneration treatment and teeth are lost, there is a method of supplementing the lost teeth by doing an implant (planting an artificial tooth root) treatment.

GRB Method (Osteo-inductive Regeneration Therapy)

It is a method to induce regeneration of bone by supplementing the portion where the bone mass is insufficient with filling agent mixed with your own bone of artificial bone. In many cases, it will be performed at the same time as the implant is inserted with an auxiliary technique.

  • 1. Use artificial membranes in areas where bone mass is insufficient, and put their bones and filler.
  • 2. Bone will be completed in 3 to 4 months.

If periodontal state does not improve, even in periodontal surgical treatment or periodontal tissue regeneration treatment and teeth are lost. There is a method of supplementing the lost teeth by inserting an implant (planting an artificial tooth root) treatment.

Preventative Dentistry


If you lose a tooth, it will never come back again. No matter how well your try to hide it, there is nothing better than having your own teeth. Despite the large number of bacteria that is living inside your mouth and no matter how much treatment you receive, if the environment in your mouth does not change, the disease will come back.

So why don’t we consider changing the environment instead of putting a stop to this disease? Depending on the age of a person, of course, prevention methods differ. Let’s aim for a good oral environment based on the “know-how” learned at Kanagawa Dental University oral hygiene course, which is familiar with preventative dentistry. The secret of preventative dental success is the use of scientific evidence-based methods and great passion to prevent it.

Why do we lose teeth?

There are several reasons why we lose a tooth, but the main cause is a cavity or periodontal disease, which is regarded as a disease of the second oral cavity.

Periodontal disease is one of the main causes for the loss of a tooth. Approximately 80% of adults are affected. It is characterized by no subjectivity symptoms because it progresses quietly. Therefore, regular checkups and daily self-care is very important.

In addition to the above content, there are also cases where you lose a tooth due to trauma, such as sports and accidents. Those who participate in intense sports are advised to take measures beforehand with use of a mouth guard.

Bacteria contained in plaque and tarter cause periodontal Diseases. Periodontal Disease bacteria breeds in plaque and melts the bones and gums of the jaw little by little. This causes a lack of support causing the teeth to fall out.

What is the cause: The Saliva test will expose the Risks of Bacteria and Periodontal Disease

Examine Saliva?

Why are some people prone to tooth decay while others are prone to periodontal disease? Each person is different. Even if you do not brush or floss everyday, there are people whom never have pain or get a cavity. Why is this you ask? It is because each person’s mouth environment (bacteria and saliva) is different. You can see your own risk by saliva examination of your own oral environment. So what do you know about a saliva examination?


What can you see in the Saliva Test?

  • Amount of Saliva
    When the amount of secretion is high, self-cleaning action increases and it is difficult to get a cavity.
  • Bacteria
    Examine the number of bacteria in the saliva.

    1. Mutans Fungus (It produces plaque by causing cavities).

    2. Lactobacillus Fungus (advances the cavity and dissolves teeth with a strong acid). The more cavities created, the easier it is to form a cavity.

  • Saliva Buffer Capacity
    The PH of saliva is usually normal, but when you begin to eat or drink something, it becomes a very acidic environment.
    To restore neutrally, saliva is secreted and becomes neutral again by calcium and phosphorus contained in saliva.
    This function is called The Buffering Ability (neutralizing power). It is hard to form a cavity when the acidic condition is short).
  • Amount of Occult Blood: Leukocyte Protein
    When saliva is mixed with occult blood, and the number of leukocytes and proteins are high) the possibility of periodontal disease is high. Each amount represents the risk of periodontal disease and the strength of inflammation.

Measures to Prevent Dental Cavities/Periodontal Disease

Based on the results of the saliva examination, we can propose preventative measures suitable for each person.
Since each mouth environment (bacteria) is different, it does not make sense to do the same care for each person.
It is important to prevent future problems and reduce various risks.


PMTC is the cleaning of teeth using exclusive equipment by experts. Regular maintenance is essential to keep the state of a healthy mouth. By lowering the risk through maintenance, we can limit your treatment to the minimum necessity as to not drill into your teeth as much as possible. Here, we introduce professional cleaning “PMTC” by dental hygienists.



Dyeing Out


Use of a plaque dyeing solution to dye out the dirty areas of the teeth and check the adhesion status of plaque. Even though your smile may look beautiful, when the staining solution is applied, you can see the parts that are still dirty.

Dental Plaque/Tarter, Color Removal

Based on the results of the dyeing, we will thoroughly clean the colored parts that are dirty.


1. When the attachment of plaque/calculus is removed the dental calculus (hardened dental plaque) is observed. Then, a dedicated piece of equipment called a Scaler is used to remove dental calculus.


2. Bleaching colored removal sodium carbonate salt from exclusive equipment is done. We then remove coloring such as dirt on the surface of the tooth due to ingestion of tarry, tea, and many more fluids.


1. Once you remove dirt from the teeth, we inject or apply fluoride-containing polishing paste using special equipment and polish to each tooth carefully.


2. Scrape the dirt on the adjacent tooth and teeth with a plastic tip.


3. Dent the dirt under the teeth and gum margin with a latex rubber cup or brush.


Rinse the toothpaste on the tooth surface thoroughly and clean the interior of the tooth and periodontal pocket.

Fluorine Coating


We then use a dedicated gel (fluorine compound) that has the effect of preventing cavities and polish teeth, one by one, carefully between the tooth and gums.

Home Care Advice


When cleaning your teeth, we will tell you how to prevent cavities based on the results of your examine and results. We will also teach you the right way to brush your teeth and the right toothpaste to use.

About brushing guidanceAlthough there are a lot of patients who say “I don’t understand why I am getting cavities! I brush my teeth everyday!” The reason seems to be because you may not be brushing your teeth “correctly”. The state of your mouth and teeth vary from person to person and the way you brush your teeth may be different from others. We will teach you how to brush your teeth the way that is proper for you.

Oral Flail (Weakness of function of teeth and mouth)

What is Oral Flail

Oral (of the oral cavity)* Flail (frail)* is weakness of the function of the teeth and mouth.
Strength around the mouth also decreases so that muscular strength of the whole body decreases when age is repeated. These declines are said to have great relevance to health including mental and social aspects.
Due to the loss of muscular strength and loss of teeth, conversation cannot be smoothly done, and the number of foods that can not be chewed increases.
This makes meals less fun and reduces the desire for food and interest.
Our clinic will continue to support your health and whole body by keeping your mouth healthy.


Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic Dentistry is not just a treatment for your teeth and periodontal disease, but is also a type of treatment that can improve the appearance of a person. We propose treatments with materials that are perfect for clients, such as metal-free materials that are safe, even for those who are allergic to metal, and materials that last longer for the familiarity of the body. In addition, we will prepare options such as whitening for gum coloring and gum peeling for those concerned with gum darkening. We will help you to achieve your wish of having a beautiful mouth.

Types of Materials handled in our Clinic

All Ceramic
Safe for people with metal allergies and is made from all ceramic materials with no metal.
These materials are often used for front teeth and bicuspids. Ceramic produced colors are closest to your natural teeth and are highly aesthetic.
It is harder than conventional ceramics and the durability is very high. This is why it is easy to use for the back teeth. Zirconia is difficult to get dirty or cause discoloration.
Zirconia Ceramic
This material is made of baked white ceramic on the surface as a core material of mineral (zirconia) known as an artificial diamond. You can keep the same beauty as a natural tooth.

Our clinic offers durable materials and does not use metal!

Change your teeth from off-white to white!Whitening Treatment

Many people are concerned about the color of their teeth. They want to be able to talk and laugh without feeling conscious about the color of their teeth. Whitening treatments can solve problems like discolored teeth or other issues that may make us self-conscious. It is very popular as an aesthetic treatment that can make you feel free to use because your teeth can be whitened using chemicals without drilling.

Types of Whitening

Home Whitening Treatment
    ・Home whitening is an option that you can do at your own pace while in the comfort of your own home.
    ・We make you a mouthpiece at our clinic and then you put the medication in your mouthpiece at home and wear it.
    ・The effect of the medication appears in about one to two weeks and there is little backtracking.

Home Whitening Flow


・Clean the inside of your mouth with a toothbrush and inject the whitening agent into a dedicated mouth tray made in advance.

・Please follow the specified usage so that the whitening agent will not leak.


・Wear a mouth tray while watching yourself in the mirror so that the whitening agent spreads throughout your teeth.

・If whitening agent protrudes, wipe immediately.


・Brush your teeth and rinse thoroughly.

・Store the Whitening agent in the refrigerator when finished.

・Wash the mouth tray and store in the special case.

Home Whitening Selling points

・Whitening can last without backtracking.
・You can adjust your own ideal whiteness.

Gum Peeling


Tooth color and the alignment of your teeth are very important. Even if you are careful about cleaning your teeth, your gums are darkened and you can get an unhealthy/ dirty image. The treatment that improves dullness of such gums is “gum peeling”. By applying exclusive medicine and peeling it, it can slow down the darkening of your gums. By repeating gum peeling, you will feel more confident.

Bad Breath Treatment


“Bad breath” is a disease that many people are suffering from. However, it is difficult for others to say. There are many people who hide this secret from them.
If you do not know where you can consult with a dentist, even if you are doing self-care, bad breath care, but do not know its effect, perhaps you may have practiced the wrong way. In our clinic, we are taking care working diligently to solve that problem. The consultation is free.
Bad breath treatment, health insurance, outside medical examination (self-fee medical treatment) will be covered by insurance.

Self-Breath Check

  • Breathe in a cup, cover it, then, check the smell in the cup once you have taken in a fresh breath of air.
  • Look at a mirror while using a tongue stick. If it is attached, collect it with a cotton swab and then check it for odor.
  • Ask your family if you are concerned about bad breath.

Main cause of Halitosis

  • Living environment (sleep deprivation, stress)
  • Dry mouth
  • Dietary Habits (sugar, dairy products, wheat products, additives)
  • Dental Cavities and Periodontal disease
  • Candida Infection, Helicobacter Pylori infection, Drugs such as Psychotropic, Antibiotics, Steroids, Stomach medications

Methods for Prevention and Improvement of Halitosis

Cavities and Periodontal Diseas Let’s first treat the issue.
Brushing Let’s do the correct brushing technique and clean the fine parts within an interdental brush.
Cleaning of Dentures Let’s brush after each meal thoroughly just like your own teeth.
Cleaning of the Tongue Let’s remove not only the bacteria but also the dirt accumulated on the tongue.
Care with Self Care Products It is more effective to care with a refreshing agent, a mouthwash and so on.
Regular Checkups Let’s keep every corner of our mouths clean by PMTC (Professional Cleaning) on a regular basis.

Dry Mouth Therapy


Dry mouth is an alias of “Xerostomia”. The amount of saliva secretions decrease and the inside of the mouth is dry. If the amount of saliva with washing or bactericidal action is small, bad breath may be a concern.
Your mouth may become sticky and this could affect your taste as well as the way you eat your food. If you are concerned that you may have any of these symptoms, please feel free to contact us.

How to Improve Dry Mouth

Treatment In case of illness, we must first treat the disease.
Prevention Be conscious of the way you breathe. To prevent evaporation of saliva, use moisturizing spray or gel to prevent dry mouth.



Continued use of dentures, that do not fit properly, not only makes you feel pain, but also makes it difficult for you to talk or eat. It can be very stressful. For those who do have discomfort with their current dentures or for those who are wearing dentures for the first time, please contact us as soon as possible in order for us to address any concerns that you may be having. We can offer a delicious meal while talking about the perfect set of dentures you may need.

Denture Types

Partial Denture Total Denture
Partial dentures are used when losing your teeth. Partial dentures fix artificial teeth that replace a tooth, which has been lost. We can fix it by putting clasps (metal fasteners) on the remaining teeth. Total Dentures are used when all of your teeth are lost. They are artificial teeth that replace your original teeth and have a pink floor that supplements for gums with a mucosal absorption power.

Types of Dentures handled at Our Clinic

Resin Floor Denture
(Insurance Application)
Resin (Synthetic Resin) is used on the whole surface of your mouth. It is relatively inexpensive, but is thick and difficult in regards to feeling temperature. Because of this, it tends to convey the taste of the things we ingest. The disadvantage of using this type of denture is that they can become easily deformed.
Metal Floor Dentures
It is considerably thinner than the Resin Floor Denture because the inside is made of metal and the temperature is easier to feel, therefore, you will be able to enjoy a delicious meal. An advantage of using this type of denture is that they are very durable.
Non-Clasp Dentures
These are used in over 95 countries worldwide. Because the surface is soft, pain is less likely to occur while wearing these. The advantage of wearing this type of denture is that they are difficult to break, even if dropped or trampled on.



Is a cure that puts a titanium foundation (artificial tooth root) in the part of your gums, where the tooth has been lost, therefore, it restores the natural appearance and function to your tooth. Unlike dentures and bridges, the implant does not require drilling or correcting the teeth surrounding the implant. So, it places no burden on the other teeth. Also with embedded artificial dental roots in the bone of the jaw, you can chew hard and sticky things with confidence.

Structure of the Implant


The implant consists of a fixture (artificial tooth root), and abutment (connection part), and a superstructure (artificial tooth).

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Implant

Advantages of Implants Disadvantages of an Implants
  • ・You can chew food like your own teeth.
  • ・The chewing force recovers to about 80% of what the natural tooth force is.
  • ・Implants help you to swallow and chew normally as if they were your own teeth. So, it helps you to maintain your overall general health.
  • ・No need to drill into healthy teeth.
  • ・Do not strain the surrounding teeth.
  • ・Surgery may be necessary.
  • ・There is a possibility that treatment cannot be performed due to general illness.
  • ・It is necessary to undergo periodic maintenance.

Safety and Safety points of our hospital implant treatment

Internal Oral Implant Society enrolled as a Certified Medical Doctor


Specialized in learning about implants, experienced therapy (International Oral Implant Society Certified Physician) performs counseling to treatment. Since there are numerous case experiences, please do not hesitate to ask for a consultation.

Dental CT


A CT is a machine that can photograph tomograms of the body. When having an implant treatment, it is very important to accurately grasp the surrounding blood vessels and nerve positions in order to perform safe and accurate treatments. Moreover, since the exposure dose at the time of photography is also about 1/10 to 1/20 of medical CT, the burden on the body is less and is safe.

Operation room is equipped


Even long-term treatments, such as implants takes a long time. We provide a completely private room that helps reduce stress and prevents clinic infections.

Implant Simulation Guide


A guiding system that simulates the CT image based on the computer and embeds the implant. We will make a safe and accurate plan so that the implant can be implanted in the optimum position.

Peri-test (Dynamic Periodontal Tissue Examination/ Diagnosis Equipment)


This is a device that can confirm the periodontal tissue and the integration after implant surgery (firmly connected with the bone). We can give client’s peace of mind with the equipment necessary for a successful implant treatment.

Secure 10 Year Warranty


We have attached a 10-year warranty system to those who were treated at our clinic so that everyone is given peace of mind about the treatment. It is included in the price of the implant treatment, so it is covered, even if there are issues, such as cracking or it breaks in the future.(It is necessary to receive periodic maintenance)

Flow of Implant Treatment


We discuss any concerns that the patient may have and go over their hopes for treatment. We then go over any current issues of the patient’s oral condition and discuss what the best treatment options are.


We will decide on the examination items based on the symptoms and what was asked from the patient. The patient’s satisfaction is our number one concern.

Explanation of Treatment Plan

We will provide adequate counseling with clients and explain detailed treatment plans, treatment periods, costs, etc. If you have concerns or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to ask.

Implant Surgery

Surgery is done after anesthesia, so you will not feel any pain. The treatment time is about 30 to 120 minutes.

Healing Period

Set the time until the fixture and the bone combination. Time will vary because everyone is different. It generally ranges anywhere between 3 and 6 months.

Abutment, Installation of Superstructure

Attached the abutment and superstructure.

Regular Maintenance

In order to keep the recovered oral cavity condition as long as possible, it is important to perform maintenance on a regular basis.

Dental Oral Surgery


Apart from the symptoms of cavities and periodontal disease, we will respond to symptoms that are concerned about your mouth, such as jaw pain or pain from your Wisdom teeth. Pain around your mouth, as it is, may affect your whole body and is important that you make an appointment earlier. We will respond to the treatment of temporal-mandibular disorder and wisdom teeth treatment, first and injuries in your mouth, so please come see us as soon as possible.

Tempormandibular Disorder Treatment


When pain and incongruity around the joints of the jaw makes it difficult to talk, and makes it difficult to ingest a meal it is called “Temporomandibular” If you feel pain everyday, we recommend to get treatment as soon as possible.

Methods of Treatment

Temporomandibular disorder depends on symptoms, splint treatment to prevent bruxism, adjustment of occlusion, and prescription of laser treatment and pain relief. We ask you the symptoms of each client and suggest the best treatment method by checking the condition of the jaw.

Maternity Dentistry

Your Babies teeth begin to grow even while still in the womb.

Maternity dentistry has various concerns, such as, “It is easy to lose physical condition during pregnancy..” “I am worried about the influence dental procedures may have on my baby while I am pregnant.”

A pregnant woman is in a state susceptible to diseases such as cavities, periodontal disease, and gingivitis due to hormonal balance collapse.

“Maternity Dentistry’s” goal is mainly to receive dental treatment with confidence while considering the condition of pregnant women. In order to give mothers that peace of mind that they deserve, we stress the safety measures we take to keep you and your baby safe.

Prevention of Cavities: One year and Younger
It is desirable to prevent preventative management from One year and below before the teeth grows. Since the deciduous teeth begin to be formed from around 7 weeks of gestation and permanent teeth from about 4 months pregnancy. Health Care/ Nutrition intake during pregnancy greatly affects the tooth quality of the deciduous teeth or some permanent teeth. A mother’s oral care is very important during this time period.
A mother’s periodontal disease adversely affects the baby while pregnant.
Recent studies have shown that in the case of periodontal disease in pregnant women, the probability of pre-term birth/ low birth childbirth has increased. Although the cause has not been investigated, it is clear that the probability is higher than smoking and alcohol intake, which is a bad influence on the fetus.

Professional Oral Care

  • Treatment of cavities and periodontal disease is conducted.
  • Following professional brushing guidance, even at home will make correct bite.
  • Regularly undergo professional cleaning.

Once we know that a client is pregnant, we have lots of medications that can be prescribed for treatment.
Also, even for those who don’t need treatment, it is important to conduct regular maintenance for prevention.

Let’s prepare the mother’s own mouth environment as a first step in preparing to welcome a newborn. Participating in preventative cleanings and brushing instructions are very effective.

Notes after for after childbirth


There are no dentifrice in the mouth of a newborn baby. In most cases, adults cause cavities during meal-time. It can also be said that 70% of MS bacteria (dentifrice) are transferred to the mouth of a child and matches the mother’s fungus species.

  • ● Mothers themselves go to the dentist in order to reduce MS Fungus.
  • ● Do not use the same dishes as adults.

Even while breast feeding, dental treatment can be done without problems. There are notes on the use of anesthesia, but there is nothing you can use. Do not ignore cavities or periodontal disease treatments. It is important to take care of these issues immediately.

Sports Dentistry


In Sports dentistry, we will conduct medical examination to support the health and safety of those who are involved in sports. We will help patients prevent injury by sports while maintaining and improving sporting competitiveness. In our clinic, in particular, we will prepare a mouth guard to prevent injuries during sports.

Advantages of using a Mouth Guard

  • Prevention and alleviation of concussion
  • Improves exercise capacity
  • Prevention/ reduction of trauma of teeth and surrounding tissues
  • Prevention of jaw bone and temporomandibular disorders
  • Prevention of neck trauma

In addition, the mouth guard not only protects your own teeth and chin, but also has the role of preventing it from hurting your opponent with teeth. During sports where teeth can become weapons, it is very important to take care of your teeth with a mouth guard so as to not harm your partner.

Visiting Dentistry


In our clinic, we will visit your home or facility and perform dental care for patients who are physically handicapped or who have difficulty going to the hospital because of sickness. We bring in compact dental equipment that is safe, allowing us to perform the same level of treatment you would have in a dental clinic. While trying to cooperate with families and care managers, we will provide the best dental treatment possible.

Features of Visiting Dental Examination

  • You can reduce the burden on clients and families by visiting the clinic.
  • Because this is not done in a dental clinic but in the comfort of their own home, they do not have to worry about appointment times.
  • Because dental physicians and dental hygienists can grasp eating habits and living environment, we can receive more appropriate guidance and management.

Visit medical Examination Q&A

  • Do you really come and give treatments even if we cannot come to your clinic?
    It is possible to visit nursing care facilities and hospitals as needed, as well as, the patient’s home. We will visit anyone who has difficulty visiting due to illness or injury, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • What kind of treatment is available?
    We will bring in dental equipment and treat you, so be rest assured we will give you the treatment almost equivalent to the treatment you would have received at a dental office.
  • How much is it?
    As a general rule, medical insurance and nursing care insurance is applied so please do not worry.
    (There is no additional visit fee).

◆Accepted Insurance
We accept following insurances at our clinic—
Japanese Insurance

Patients with other insurances , for example:
AETNA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, MetLife, FEDVIP, GEHA etc , will pay upfront. We accept cash and credit card for payment. We will give English receipts to the patients. For reimbursement , patient will submit their claim by themselves.

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